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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Whom are the training programs meant for ?
The programs are designed for junior- mid level managers. The specific profile that each program is designed for, is stated, before you start the program.

2. Can I share my account with somebody else ?
No. Each account is valid for single person usage, for a maximum of 180 days from the date of first login.

3. What do I do when my 180 days get over ?
Contact the designated training manager/supervisor in your firm. If they have accounts left with them, which have not been used, they can allot you one; else they can subscribe to more accounts from us.

4. How do I subscribe ?
Ideally, we suggest that your firm subscribes on your behalf. Your firm sends us the registration and payment, for , say, 10 accounts. They will also have to designate a 'Supervisor', who could be your training/HR manager, or your functional head. We will then activate the Supervisor's login and inform him/her. S/he then takes over, and will activate the user accounts as and when and to whomsoever required. In case of an individual subscriber, we will activate your account directly.

5. What is the pricing of the accounts ?

Please refer to the

pricing schedule



for details.

6. How can I pay ?
In the form of a Mysore payable cheque or Demand Draft, in favour of 'Catalyst Consulting'. For subscriptions within India, we accept INR (Indian Rupees). All other subscriptions will need to be in US dollars (USD). The pricing schedule gives details of the dollar fees.

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